Friday, July 30, 2010

PMP Preparation Experience

See that many students made a post earlier about the experience of pass the exam, could not help but also wanted to talk about some of their own children their feelings and experiences, I hope this can help to being prepared or intended to join the PMP exam students.

Just started school when the pressure is great, because they did not work now involves a lot of project management work, in this regard is no experience can learn from, so it is worried about their own failed the test, so it may be because lesson planning to do lectures are particularly serious problem. Personal success through the first experience: attitudes to attention.

Formal class once before I turned the book to understand the general content of the book. Then began to give classes and lectures wife really important! In particular I do not project management experience in itself, PMBOK simply no words to explain do not know where to grasp. I am only missing two days because of travel class, even if it is also about a two-day course to help me fill Xu back. After every time after class before the next class I will review very seriously, including watching lectures, reading books, doing title (Lao Jin's book), I've made my request is before the next class in front of the real knowledge of spoken All master. Other class is over, full of knowledge has been compacted to 80%. Training arrangements for the pro forma period a very tight and there are other things to be busy.

The most important thing at this stage, the stage of summing up:

1. Do not miss a class, listen carefully; is no way to missing the class, the teacher must find make up classes (note: his first title promising handouts to find a good book make up the teacher, the teacher can occupy as little time and efficient Austria!)

2. After listening to the prompt review sought to acquire knowledge, not behind the dash or do the old questions like, no time to review sprint when so much knowledge points, and subject also comes from knowledge is not cover all, rely on questions to do is cart before the horse

3. Do not know to ask, do not understand the content or subject of any immediate and teachers are discussed, do not delay, much knowledge is shared, and figure out a problem immediately after the vista may clear up a system of knowledge

4. Recitation notes. Test test and found many, many topics of knowledge from the lecture.

Do problems. While the class will provide Lao Jin's book title; class had finished, the teacher then has arranged for everyone to do five sets of simulated problems. Because the topics and more (test with 200 questions), the energy is a big test, I did 50 will generally look a little bit of time to prevent time-out, although the last time when the real test is very comfortable. Right or wrong I guess on the subject of research knowledge will be very serious point and listening to the teacher explaining that if a teacher started talking on the subject when I relax on the open desert of self;). Some fundamental questions strange (yes but this subject is still a lot of places), you still force yourself to remember them, because they really likely to appear in the examination intact Ah!!

Frankly speaking, compared to the last stage of the pain I fairly relaxed at this stage, each simulation results in relatively modest training while not coming to the fore;). Examination found that many subjects are familiar, the suggestion should be to master all the topics.

Two recommendations: attention for the wrong or guessed on the subject -> target: a repeat test with a knowledge point of never again wrong;

Simply not understand the metamorphosis theme, please recite the

Push. No time to read the notes on it back again; all have done something wrong or guess the title and read it again; no excuse for the 44 O 9 knowledge memorize down.

At this stage I was more painful. Examination before the Christmas holiday, then do not have any entertainment nervous painful death; despite the good results of the simulation is still worried to death, after all, paid too much If blew it worth it. A question was read back Ah, although I think that things will not be afraid to remember the new one does not see that knowledge with wings flew away from the head. Summarized here, do not you see I do have to learn the better.

In addition there are two things that would like to say a few words.

If some people in English is not good, there really is a worry. I did not read English books, do read the Chinese title of times, unless the problem is that the Chinese intended to obscure weird twist I will look at English.

If you do not have any project management experience, the more there is nothing to worry about, and my experience is not typical exam.

Finally, I really want to look special thanks to Xu. For some time because it has to make up classes, there is a period of time after class has finished no simulation questions to explain, and I are about the teacher on the night in msn voice lessons, the teacher can clearly feel tired, feel very much admire. Although the teacher to say it was his clients that do what we can not own a big lesson for teachers to have time alone when the teacher does not make up its obligations; if I have customers come to me after work, whether it is a pass Replacement mobile phone or an e-mail me something, even if not much time will be spent reluctantly, always feel that my private time after work to enjoy life. Care, I feel really very dedicated Xu.

Note that a hard look at though still very substantial Moreover, after a hard test worth it. I wish all of this post to see who can successfully pass the exam.

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