Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tencent intensified defendant who copied the crime portal

Portal plagiarism, in the summer heat under the Sogou sued qq, more and more serious complaint of a paper that broke the qq can only all the fat penguin cheating. Sogou Pinyin input method to unfair competition Tencent sued to require compensation and an apology over claims the amount of up to 20 million yuan. Reports, Sogou relevant responsible person said, "Sogou input method Tencent creative and intellectual property rights are serious plagiarism, Sogou indignation. And now the judiciary has been placed on file on the matter, that dog has mastered the part of the search of evidence, and determined to take from the legal weapons, Tencent acts of unfair competition fight back.

The face of cheating penguins, as the Internet, a pawn, not surprising. Tencent's fortune, the beginning is nothing but imitate the launch of ICQ OICQ, relying on China's huge user base for Internet users provide an excellent operator of the IM tool. Get down to business with a large user support, propped up Tencent's a blue sky. However, the original copy mode to become a lifetime Tencent mode of operation, along with a pat in, TenPay, qq Church, qq cyclone, etc., Tencent's products, we can find the original owners of the figure, surface on such a business model, as the door, I question Tencent, corporate image is where?

Corporate image is important, however, this highly competitive in the Internet virtual world, the brutal competition in all industries prompted exert their magic and innovation to this new industry is important. Recalling the development of the Internet, not difficult to find new elements in the poor, plagiarism has become the mainstream of the industry, this negative trend will inevitably affect the survival of the enterprise, but also relations between the healthy development of the network.

Perhaps before Tencent usual "used" the spirit of the current also can be base, but the long run, is unlikely to survive, let alone, the problem is that the status on the Internet with Tencent some up and down, and the strength of Sohu, 2000 million in making Tencent accept the lessons? the panacea hoped Tencent strategy in its proper role to play, so the Internet is more clear sky.

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