Monday, October 18, 2010

BI not fight either change or be abandoned Summary

Hold a mass of data, also has a variety of tools to move, analyze and send the data, but not at the right time to the right information to the people who need the information, which makes a lot of CIO headache. How to be responsible for the BI technology easy to use?

In the browser for people to provide a key Internet access before the Internet has existed for 20 years unknown. Recently, Apple introduced the ultra-simple iPod digital media player opened a new era. In addition, Google launched a simple interface that allows search operations have been redefined. Unfortunately, in many other areas including the BI field, we are also difficult to obtain the simplicity of the product has a strong program.

BI user interface development constraints

Many valuable IT technology, but in the end can not be too complex for application of large-scale promotion. According to Standish Group's findings, in all IT projects, about 66% failed or far exceeded the time limit to implement the original plan. According to Gartner's survey shows the average annual per employee to waste about a week to deal with a variety of computer and application faults trouble. IDC predicts: IT complexity created in 2003, U.S. companies nearly 750 billion U.S. dollars in losses. In the business intelligence (BI) field in 2005, "Information Week" survey: non-technical staff for ease of use issue is impeding the deployment of the primary barriers to BI programs.

Simplicity There are three basic principles, namely: easy-to-use user interface, the applicability of a good product features and ease of implementation and management. All three elements must exist in a true sense of the summary of product can be called real simple.

In the BI area, the user interface is still the universal constraints prevent product. Only 15% of corporate officers in the practical work with a business intelligence tool, but unless the simplified user interface has made outstanding progress, otherwise difficult to change this situation. BI vendors who always believed that users have time to learn the knowledge and how to carry out complex analysis, but is not the case. In 1959, Calvin N. Mooers invented the famous Moore's Law: "When the user feel have information than not have the information to be more painful and cumbersome, he would rather not use the information retrieval system." When people pay more attention ability to obtain information on access to information rather than solving efforts, the Moore's Law will soon be confirmed to the latter body.

For BI to more users on a big attraction of the firms have to start the user interface innovation. The BI vendors have made progress mainly through a friendly interface to easily drag and drop a database or spreadsheet data region row and in the end allows users to quickly create their own interactive analysis. Thus, the need for complex training conditions, the user can drag and drop 澶氫釜 area to create complex reports, charts and visual analysis. These tools have access to a variety of SQL databases and OLAP-based Excel table.

Recently, some manufacturers also began to drag and drop query mode has been expanded beyond the introduction of a question-based user interface to allow users to everyday business terminology to make some fundamental or even random complex issues, such as: "Who is my last one quarter of the prior five largest customers?" or "in the past 12 months among the districts I am responsible, who is the sales aspects of the former five customers?".

Another user interface to simplify the way BI is the total elimination of another separate interface that will seamlessly integrate BI to a specific person's daily business workflow. Usually it is called "carrier-class BI", the data, reports, and analysis of information directly in the customer's various applications and process environments presented to the user. Here, we will see BI is no longer just about the tools of historical data and trends, but to become real-time to process as the core means of information delivery and analysis. Use of carrier-class BI, information is available to people who need anytime, anywhere and in most cases, the information consumers are not as in the usual sense BI "user." Both are concerned with the process of risk management, pricing and return models, services Genzong, Cai Gou, the policy line or Kehuzhichi, BI all OK Zailiuchengzhong or the work of Liu Cheng play its due role or process itself Ye can based decision-making as the core.

Ease of implementation and management

As a summary of the third pillar, ease of implementation and management of vendors and IT departments are required to change. Today's products have become too complex for a long time to install, maintenance costs are very high. To this end, corporate IT department began to require companies reduce complexity, "Please tell me how to quickly install equipment, and began to run." "You reduce maintenance needs done, what work?"

IT departments should also be changes, IT system, mainly from the excessive complexity of system platforms, systems and applications.鐒惰?锛岄儴缃茬殑绠?究鎬т笌鏁翠綋鏋舵瀯鐨勭畝鏄撴?鏄悓姝ョ殑锛孖T閮ㄩ棬蹇呴』姣笉鍚濆暚鍦版暣鍚堝苟绮剧畝鐜版湁鐨凚I鍜屾姤琛ㄧ幆澧冦?鏈?粓鐨勭洰鏍囧簲璇ユ槸鍦ㄥ崟涓?殑骞冲彴涔嬩笂寮?睍鏍囧噯鍖栧伐浣滐紝浠庤?杩涜浼佷笟缁╂晥绠$悊銆佽鍒掋?鎶ヨ〃鍒朵綔銆佹煡璇㈠拰鍒嗘瀽浠ュ強浼佷笟鐨勪俊鎭鐞嗐?

銆??鍚屾椂锛屼紒涓氳繕搴旇瀵瑰鍔犵畝鏄撴?鐨勪袱绉嶈秼鍔胯繘琛岃皟鏌ャ?棣栧厛锛岀綉缁滄湇鍔′娇浼佷笟鑳藉灏嗘渶濂界殑閮ㄤ欢搴旂敤杩炴帴鍒板崟涓?湇鍔′箣涓紝闈炲父瀹规槗鍦板紑鍙戝苟缁存姢鍔熻兘鏇村姞寮哄ぇ鐨勫簲鐢ㄣ?渚嬪锛氬紑鍙戜汉鍛樺彲浠ラ摼鎺ュ埌涓?釜缃戠粶鏈嶅姟涓婏紝鎸夌収鏃ユ湡鍜屽湴鐐瑰悜閿?敭鏁版嵁搴撴彁渚涘ぉ姘旈鎶ワ紝浠庤?鏈夊姪浜庡啺娣囨穻鎴栭洦浼炵殑閿?敭鍟嗕滑閬垮紑鎭跺姡鐨勫ぉ姘斿彲鑳介?鎴愮殑閿?敭涓嬫粦銆係AAS(杞欢鍗虫湇鍔?杩欎竴瓒嬪娍鐨勭户缁彂灞曚篃灏嗘帹鍔ㄧ畝鏄撳寲鐨勮繘绋嬶紝浣夸汉浠笉蹇呬负浜嗘煇涓壒瀹氱殑搴旂敤鐩殑鑰屾瀯寤哄拰缁存姢鏌愮鍩虹鏋舵瀯銆?br />
銆??璁╃畝鏄撴垚涓虹幇瀹?br />
銆??闄や簡鍒╃敤涓婅堪绠?槗鍖栫殑涓変釜鏀煴鏉ユ帹鍔ㄤ骇鍝佽璁″锛孖T缁忕悊浠繕搴旇绉瀬姝h涓夐」鏍规湰鐨勪环鍊肩悊蹇碉紝浣跨畝鏄撳寲鎴愪负浼佷笟涓殑鐜板疄銆?br />
銆??鈶犲叧閿槸浜猴紝鑰岄潪鎶?湳銆?5%鐨勪紒涓氭垚鍔熶笉鏄敱鏁版嵁鍜屾妧鏈喅瀹氱殑锛岃?鏄敱浼佷笟涓殑浜哄拰娴佺▼鍐冲畾鐨勩?鎶?湳搴旇閫氳繃鏀硅繘娴佺▼鍜屽疄鐜版祦绋嬬殑鑷姩鍖栨潵涓轰汉鎻愪緵杈呭姪銆傚亣濡傝浜轰笉寰椾笉瑕佸眻浠庝簬鎶?湳鐨勮瘽锛岄偅涔堝繀灏嗗鑷存贩涔便?鎰ゆ?鍜屼綆閲囩敤鐜囩殑浜х敓銆?br />


銆??鈶㈢潃鐪奸暱鏈熷晢涓氫环鍊硷紝鑰屼笉鏄畝鍗曠殑鎴愭湰銆傛牴鎹瓽artner鍏徃鐨勮皟鏌ョ粨鏋滐紝涓?」澶辫触鐨処T鎶曡祫鐨勪富瑕佸師鍥犲湪浜庝紒涓氱殑楂樺眰绠$悊鑰呭線寰?拷姹傚揩閫熷拰绠?崟鐨勫洖鎶ワ紝鎵?噰鍙栫殑鎺柦鏇撮?鍚堜簬瀵笲I宸ュ叿鐨勮瘎浼帮紝鑰屼笉鏄BI浠峰?鐨勮 閲忋?瀹為檯涓婏紝IT鐨勪环鍊兼槸鏅亶瀛樺湪鑰屽張鏋佷负澶嶆潅鐨勩?鏍规嵁IDC鍏徃鐨勮皟鐮旓紝96%鐨処T 鎶曡祫鍥炴姤鐨嗕互涓氬姟娴佺▼鐨勬敼杩涘拰鐢熶骇鏁堢巼鐨勬彁楂樿?鏄剧幇鍑烘潵鐨勶紝鎴愬姛椤圭洰鐨勫钩鍧囧洖鎶ュ懆鏈熶负涓?勾锛屾?鐨勫洖鎶ョ巼涓?30%銆?br />
銆??50%瀹炴柦浜嗕华琛ㄧ洏鐨勪紒涓氬彇寰椾簡鍘嬬缉寮?敮50-100涓囩編鍏冪殑姘村钩锛岃?涓?0%鐨勪紒涓氬湪涓?勾鍐呮垨鏇寸煭鐨勬椂闂村唴鑾峰緱浜嗘姇璧勫洖鎶ャ?铏界劧IT鎴愭晥鏀瑰杽鐨勬?浣撲环鍊煎緢闅捐绠楋紝浣嗗IT椤圭洰鐨勮瘎浼板繀椤绘寜杩欑鏂瑰紡杩涜锛屽惁鍒欏湪瀹為檯涓氬姟娲诲姩涓氨浼氬嚭鐜版壒鍑嗙殑椤圭洰浠ュけ璐ュ憡缁堬紝鑰岄偅浜涙病鏈夎鎵瑰噯鐨勯」鐩弽鑰屽彲浠ュ甫鏉ラ暱鏈熺殑鏀剁泭銆?br />


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